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Current Students

To review the research and professional interests of students currently working with me, see below:

>Michael Balsan
Undergraduate Degree: Georgetown University, B.A. Philosophy and Psychology.balsan Research Interests: How can individuals and institutions prevent harm and help the people they serve to live free of violence, distress, and oppression? More specifically, how do we keep men from hurting themselves and others?

Professional Aspirations: I hope to one day be the director of a campus mental health center.

Expected Graduation Date: 2020

Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Rock Climbing, Yoga.

Favorite Color: Hex:757575 (Grey).

>Miranda Nadeau
Undergraduate Degree: Rice University, B.A. Psychology.

Research Interests: My research focuses on protective factors against depression and its recurrence and chronicity. Specifically, I have explored this topic as it relates to men’s experiences of depression and the role of self-compassion in preventing depression.

Professional Aspirations: Following my Ph.D., I will seek licensure as a psychologist and ideally structure a combination of roles and settings in clinical practice and continued academic research.

Expected Graduation Date: 2019

Hobbies: Yoga, weightlifting, motorcycles, and relaxing in the outdoors

Favorite Color: Changes by the season. Right now, International Klein Blue.

>Emily Smith
Undergraduate Degree: Baylor University, B.A. Psychology.

Research Interests: I am interested in masculinity and gender role conformity over the lifespan and in non-traditional fathers. I am particularly interested in how adherence to gender roles fluctuates due to life events such as becoming a father.

Professional Aspirations: I look forward to pursuing opportunities in teaching, research, and clinical practice.

Expected Graduation Date: 2018

Hobbies: Photography, Travel, Skydiving, Crafts

Favorite Color: Purple

>Matt Chester
Undergraduate Degree: Texas Tech University, B.A. Psychology, Minor in Business Administration.

Research Interests: I am interested in sexual orientation, gender role conformity, and masculinity.  In particular, research on beliefs gay men hold about their sexuality and masculinity, as well as the different ways these beliefs are shaped and modified.

Professional Aspirations: Upon graduation, I intend to pursue job opportunities that will enable me to conduct scientific research while practicing in a clinical setting.

Expected Graduation Date: 2017

Hobbies: Music production, classical piano, volleyball, cooking, journaling

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

>Mark Provence
Undergraduate Degree: Stanford University, B.A. English

Research Interests: Broadly speaking, I’m interested looking at the intersection between masculinity and sexual identity. Currently I’m working on a qualitative study of gay men’s experiences in therapy groups with straight men. I’m especially intrigued by the concept of heterophobia, or gay men’s fear/avoidance of straight men.

Professional Aspirations: My ideal career would allow for balance between clinical work, research and teaching, with an emphasis on masculinity/sexuality issues

Expected Graduation Date: 2016

Hobbies: Reading, haunting bookstores, running, cooking, movies, road trips

Favorite Color: Blue

>Erin Reilly
Undergraduate Degree: Clark University, B.A. Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies

Research Interests: My research utilizes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to examine the alignment of coping strategies and mental-health with gender norm conformity. In my research, I focus on the ways gender adherence can help or hinder the adoption of healthy coping strategies such as self-confidence, self-compassion, and help-seeking. Additionally, I am interested in the assessment of programs and interventions aimed at college students, with a specific emphasis on those who are experiencing difficulties with stress, self-esteem, academic self-efficacy, and depression.
Professional Aspirations:I plan to seek a career that allows me to engage in clinical work as well as program assessment/research in a college population.

Expected Graduation Date: 2015

Hobbies: Reading, antiquing, painting, dog training, searching for the perfect espresso-based drink

Favorite Color: Green