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Former Students

I’ve very proud of these former students: Learn about their paths and current appointments below.

>Vanessa Scaringi, Ph.D.
Current Appointment: Postdoctoral Fellow at Tejas Family Guidance Center
Graduation Year:
Dissertation Title: Predictors of eating disorders among college-aged women: The role of competition and relational aggression. 
Fondest Graduate School Memory: 
Getting to learn in a city where I could hike, bike, and swim all year-round.

>Elisabeth Morray, Ph.D.
Current Appointment: Post-doctoral Fellow in Behavioral Health, Harvard Vangaurd Medical Associates; Faculty, Dean College
Graduation Year: 2010

Dissertation Title: The Shared Burden of Infertility: Gender Role Conformity as a Predictor of Infertility-Related Distress and Relational Health in Couple Undergoing Treatment for Infertility Fondest Graduate School Memory: Watching Vince Young playing for the Longhorns. 
>Ryan McKelley, Ph.D.
Current Appointment: Assistant Professor of Clinical/Counseling Psych at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Graduation Year: 2008

Dissertation Title: The effect of practitioner title and gender socialization on men’s attitudes, stigma, and preferences for seeking help Fondest Graduate School Memory: My first day of grad school orientation I found the right bus line to campus from my apartment. However, given that I didn’t know the buses were still on summer schedules, there was no returning bus that afternoon. I didn’t have a map of other lines (this was before Google Maps on smartphones) and ended up walking 6 miles home. I arrived at day 2 orientation with a major sunburn and a little less pride…
>Lee Land, Ph.D.
Current Appointment: Licensed Psychologist, St. Edward’s University Health & Counseling Center

Graduation Year: 2008

Dissertation Title: The Influence of Parental Bonding, Male Gender Role Conflict, and Affect Regulation on Adult Attachment Avoidance: Predictors of Men’s Discomfort with Intimacy

Fondest Graduate School Memory: Watching the UT football team win the national championship
>Y. Joel Wong
Current Appointment: Associate Professor, Indiana University at Bloomington

Graduation Year: 2007

Dissertation Title: The Potential Benefits of Expressive Writing for Male College Students with Varying Degrees of Restrictive Emotionality.

Fondest Graduate School Memory: Hanging out on the lawn near Littlefield Fountain
>Joseph Grasso
Current Appointment: VA Quality Scholar and Primary Care Psychology Fellow, San Francisco VA Medical Center

Graduation Year: 2014

Dissertation Title: The Role of Acceptance in Men’s Restrictive Emotionality and Psychological Distress: An Experimental Study.

Fondest Graduate School Memory: Bonding with my cohort during 1st year classes together
>David Scheinfeld
Current Appointment: Postdoctoral Fellow, VA VISN 17 Center of Excellence

Graduation Year: 2014

Dissertation Title: From Battle Grounds to The Backcountry: The Intersection of Masculinity and Outward Bound Programming on Psychosocial Functioning for Male Military Veterans.

Fondest Graduate School Memory: Successfully completing the human pyramid challenge with my cohort (yes there is a picture out there somewhere to prove it). Also, of course, graduation!